Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dreams Of A Nicer Time

Sometimes i like to drift away from this dark time, and like to think i'm NOT being stalked by an paranormal being. Well, tonight, that didn't work for me. He came in my house; i wasn't expecting it to happen. I was sitting at my computer, and all of a sudden, i turned around, and there he was. I was grateful my Mom let me walk the dogs with her.

My first blog entry; Introduction

My name is Zeus. I have been stalked by what the internet knows as "SlenderMan" i am only 11.
I know what you're wondering... "What The Hell is an 11 year old doing on the internet?" But its' not like that. I'm not here to spam you or pull a joke. This is completely real. I need some help with this, or i might go crazy.